KRAM Marketing offers strategic marketing solutions to small and corporate businesses on a per project basis. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping our clients maintain relevancy and a strong footprint amongst an ever-changing market. Expand each category below to read a full description of our services.

Our strategically creative approach of marketing has been proven to create great avenues for our clients to receive maximum exposure conventional methods of advertising.
If you’re looking to start a new business, take on a new project, breathe life into an existing initiative, reach new audiences, or understand your target market, we will clarify your marketing and differentiate your brand.

We pride ourselves in aligning our clients’ business strategy with foreseeable goals. With almost a decade of experience in business and entertainment, we are equip to set your company on the path towards achieving maximum results.

Our innovative brand management approach will clarify how you propel your business into the public consciousness. We help our clients establish ownership of their brand through increased brand recognition and loyalty.


We help our clients sail high amongst the ever-changing current of social media. Whether you are looking to create a campaign surrounding a new project, maximize your target reach, or maintain a social media presence, we will create an engaging conversation amongst you and your target audience.

At KRAM Marketing, we develop ads that deliver the right message to the right audience. We also assist clients in selecting the best channels and placement timing to optimize sales and maximize exposure from their advertising campaigns.

With discipline, precision, and fervent passion, we conceive tactical public relations plans that result in maximum impact. Our public relations strategies help our clients succeed in fulfilling their missions.

KRAM Marketing has been proven to deliver innovative concepts by managing successful events that focus on lasting impressions. Our commitment, coupled with our experience will guarantee extraordinary results.

We provide our clients with distinctive sales and marketing materials that reinforce their brand, emphasize their key competitive advantages, and moves customers towards the buying decision, all while maintaining a high level of design creativity. We look forward to demonstrating the difference between design and ingenuity.


We are committed to tailoring strategic marketing solutions specific to the needs of each client. Our intricate marketing strategies have been proven to achieve our client’s long and short term goals.